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Yes We Can

It’s amazing how, when put together, three little words can create such a powerful statement — Yes We Can!

During his first presidential campaign, former President Obama drilled this statement into the psyche of millions of Americans. He understood what affirming the masses would do; it would promote individual and collective empowerment. The power to believe in one’s own abilities, aspirations and dreams. And, the ultimate — to make change.

Some time ago I had a conversation with my son, about the importance of getting to school every day. See most days Jonathan wakes up with lots of pain in his body and is unable to get to school on-time or attend at all. We tried several strategies; getting to bed earlier, taking pain meds at bedtime, and encouragement from his specialist.

After much grief and prayer, I knew that had to help him understand that his educational success was in his hands. If we could apply the same technique as Mr. Obama, perhaps he would know that he too really can do it. We brainstormed about ways to help him feel better in the morning so that he could get to school regularly. I told him again and again, “You can do this”.

Finally, we had a plan! He asked me to wake him earlier in the morning to give his body time to adjust. And, his pain medicine would be available if needed. I am pleased to tell you that Jonathan has been getting up early and getting to school every day and mostly on-time. (Baby steps:-)). He is also committed to staying on track and working really hard in summer school.

The reassurance of Yes We Can! inspired him to make positive changes and take control of his educational direction.

Take These Words to Heart

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