We believe that all families are entitled to community involvement and resources.


Our Success Stories

Dan Patlan Dan Patlan (second on the left) is 12 years old. He receives special education because of his limited English proficiency. Last March, Dan was charged with a misdemeanor of assault. He was accused of breaking a female student's finger. Through The Family Link's intervention and interpretation at school and at court, Dan was found innocent. The court determined that the incident was actually an accident.

Ramona ArreolaRamona Arreola (first on the left, front row) is 17 years old. Ramona receives special education because she is developmentally delayed. Last spring, The Family Link attended Ramona's annual Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) meeting with her mom. The Family Link interpreted for Ramona's mom. With The Family Link's assistance, Mrs. Arreola requested that Ramona be enrolled next school year at Clifton Learning Center to learn vocational skills. Ramona is now attending Clifton Learning Center. She is learning how to do job interviews, how to care for plants, how to design t-shirts, and how to do laundry. Ramona is getting paid for learning these skills.

The Family Link has also referred Ramona's mother to the CRISP Program. This program assists a group of parents to obtain guardianship of their youth at a very low price. Parents pay $200 for this service instead of $2,000 if they were to file for guardianship individually. The price is very low because CRISP volunteers find attorneys to volunteer their legal services. The Family Link is attending the CRISP meetings with Ramona's parents to interpret for them. The CRISP volunteers do not speak English.



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